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January 1

2011- 0

Monitored and engaged in advocacy around the NYS Medicaid Redesign Team process to ensure the needs of people who are uninsured are included and address the need for better engagement of CBOs.
January 2

2011 – 3

Successfully advocated for health disparities to address social determinants of health.
January 3

2011 – 2

Organized over 30 CBOs to comment on all MRT and Medicare Waiver Application submissions.
May 11


CBOs organized to ensure that people who are uninsured were included in the DSRIP projects. As a result, “Project 11” was created to put more funding in public hospitals which had right of first refusal to do “Project 11”. Public hospitals and other safety net providers ended up choosing the project.
May 15

2014 – 2

Conducted forums to inform CBOs on the upcoming DSRIP program.
May 1


Partner organizations worked with local CBOs to provide DSRIP educational forums in Brooklyn, Upper Manhattan, and the Bronx.
May 2

2015 – 2

Small contingents of CBOs in Bronx and Brooklyn facing similar challenges in DSRIP decide to form citywide DSRIP workgroup with the goal of collective advocacy. This eventually becomes Communities Together for Health Equity (CTHE).
May 3

2015 – 3

Developed advocacy goals, principles and an action plan to ensure meaningful engagement of CBOs.
May 5

2015 – 4

Formalized CTHE Coalition and development of formal structures.
May 1


Conducted assessment of CBO’s experiences in DSRIP process.
May 2

2016 – 2

Conducted workshops, forums, presentation to over 200 CBOs on DSRIP activities.
May 3

2016 – 3

Successfully advocated for a New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) hearing on DSRIP.
May 4

2016 – 4

Advocated to NYSDOH, the need for RFA to address CBO engagement in DSRIP.
May 5

2016 – 5

CTHE submitted a proposal for state funding for CBO strategic planning. Our proposal is adopted by NYSDOH in crafting of RFA.
May 1


NYSDOH approved CTHE RFA proposal.
May 2

2017 – 2

Formed individual borough leadership.
May 3

2017 – 3

Began strategic planning process and CBO expansion.
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