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14 May

COVID-19 Resources

The need to share information and stay up-to-date on available resources for our organizations and the communities we serve is extremel...

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02 Aug

Bassett, city's top doctor, to leave at the end of the month

Mary Bassett, who as New York City’s top doctor has navigated epidemics and outbreaks, tried to narrow health inequities and, most recently, fielded questions...

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31 Jul

An overlooked way to stay out of the hospital

We applaud the efforts of Valerie Grey, executive director of the nonprofit New York eHealth Collab...

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22 Jun

Queens-based agency for South Asians gets $700,000 grant

The South Asian Council for Social Services, a community-based nonprofit assisting the South Asian community, has received a $700,0...

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19 Jun

City OKs funding for DA's Immigrant Affairs Unit

The city's latest budget will allocate funds to form an Immigrant Affairs Unit at the Richmond County District Attorney's Office. District Attorney Michael E...

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31 May

New York City: Don’t Exclude Certain Immigrants from Legal Services

A New York City limit on legal services for immigrants will do far more harm than the Mayor’s office claims and undercut the city’s larger push to bolster i...

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16 May

Newly Proposed 'Public Charge' Rule Could Be Devastating to HIV-Positive Immigrants

Just when you thought it couldn't get much worse for immigrants, it could get much worse for immigrants. In late 2017, the Trump administration announced its...

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30 Apr

Doctor works to save youth from violence before they reach his ER

As an emergency physician at Kings County Hospital Center, Dr. Rob Gore has faced many traumatic situations that he'd rather forget. But some moments stick with...

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26 Apr

a.i.r. nyc Is Evolving Its Name And Integrating Its Home-Based Model To Address Multiple Chronic Diseases

For many people in New York, living conditions can have a negative impact on their health. In fact, a 2018 study led by the New York State Department of Health ...

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22 Apr

Governor Cuomo Announces Comprehensive Initiative to Target Maternal Mortality and Reduce Racial Disparities in Outcomes

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a comprehensive initiative to target maternal mortality and reduce racial disparities in health outcomes, building on t...

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09 Feb

Bronx Conference: Putting Community at the Center of Transforming our Bronx Health

On Friday February 9th, the Bronx Hub of Communities Together for Health Equity (CTHE) will present “Putting Community at the Center of Transforming our Bron...

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04 Jan

Residents’ Resiliency Offers Hope for Better Health in Brownsville

There’s a saying in Brownsville: ‘Never Ran, Never Will.’ Part defiance, part rallying cry, the slogan is the emotional counter weight to the prevailing i...

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24 Oct

Breaking Ground: Engaging CBOs in Health Equity

Collective Action to Unify CBOs for Healthcare Transformation NEW YORK, NY, -- Communities Together for Health Equity (CTHE) hosted...

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11 Sep

Adding Pantries and Spice to New York’s Hungry Neighborhoods

Over the past year, New York City’s three biggest providers of emergency food have reorganized in an effort to feed underserved communities and get ethnic ing...

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16 May

South Asian organization addresses hunger, food insecurity in New York City

On any given Friday between 11 am and 4 pm, nearly 90 to 100 people line up at the doors of the South Asian Council for Social Services’ food pantry in Flushi...

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