Why Join?

CTHE Consortium members are CBOs working within some of NYC’s most disenfranchised and underserved communities. CTHE members provide presence and services that are located at priority sites, at times and locations that are convenient for those we serve. Many of the CBOs within the network are supporting community needs and delivering services in a variety of community based locations in addition to their formal business locations, including barbershops/beauty salons, schools, food pantries and benefits offices, primary care and other service provider locations. These CBOs are intertwined within the communities they serve, often responding to targeted needs or community hotspots.

The CBOs within the CTHE network are trusted entities in communities and many are the trusted sources of support where residents go for assistance. As a Consortium, the network brings extensive community roots with the ability to reach into communities to locate and involve residents who should be connected to health care services, including those related to DSRIP. Therefore, information and support available from these CBOs is critical within the communities in which they are located and can be leveraged by the delivery system to identify and connect with hard to reach community residents.

CTHE has a collective interest to ensure meaningful community engagement within DSRIP and the health care delivery system. To ensure that local needs and capacity are identified and local voices are heard, participation in the CTHE Coalition provides an opportunity for CBOs to have a collective voice, network and infrastructure necessary to plan for and engage with a transforming healthcare environment to address issues and the social determinants of health (SDH).

Our Shared Agenda

CTHE’s shared agenda is to develop a strategic sustainability plan. This plan includes steps to build CBO capacity and infrastructure that leads to a transformed healthcare delivery system where CBOs are vital and active participants, and where those community voices provide direct advisement on the use and allocation of all state and federal funding received by communities.

Join The Health Equity Movement

The CTHE Coalition is comprised of small and large CBOs throughout the city. The CBO Planning Grant Consortium is a subset of the Coalition, restricted to those organizations eligible for the CBO Planning Grant. Criteria for inclusion in the consortium includes:

  • 501(c)3 status
  • Annual operating budget under $5 million
  • Current status as a non-Medicaid billing entity
  • At least three years of experience providing services that directly impact the SDH in New York City or past regional collaboration on SDH care projects or programs.

CTHE membership is open to those who meet consortium eligibility requirements and to those who are interested in joining the broader coalition.

If interested, please complete the application.

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